Next Pope — Papabili List for 2009

You can find my top 10 papabili (pl. papabile) list for 2009 at: popes-and-papacy.

Since my book, I get quite a few queries as to who I think the next pope will be, after Pope Benedict XVI, and the new name they are likely to assume. In the past, per this BLOG entry, I have been sending people over to Paddy Power and the online betting ‘book’ they maintain.

This weekend, within the context of the new book I am writing, I spent a lot of time researching the potential papabili. During the course of this, ever mindful of the dangers of speculating on papal succession, I realized that I had no option but to come up with a new list. So I did.

I made a few key assumptions when selecting my set of cardinals and ranking them. These were:

  • The next pope, for essentially secular political reasons, is unlikely to be from the U.S.A.
  • The next pope is unlikely to be from Germany given that Pope Benedict XVI is German.
  • The next pope, when elected, is unlikely to be over 75 years in age.

So have a look at the list. Feel free to use either of the BLOGs as a forum for your comments and feedback. I am all ears.

Many thanks for your time. Merry Christmas and may 2009 shower you with all that is wonderful in life.

Anura Guruge


3 thoughts on “Next Pope — Papabili List for 2009”

  1. If your assumptions hold true, then 62 cardinals are out of contention leaving only 50 having a chance of those, three names stand out: Jorge Mario Bergoglio,Óscar Andrés Rodriguez Madariaga and Christoph Schönborn.
    The two first are from latin America and since Europe holds 50% of the votes I think the latter has a much better chance of becoming a pope.

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