Papal Name Last Used in 1724 is ‘Innocent.’ OK?

I assume it was a crossword puzzle clue. There were over 30 searches for this yesterday and today. So let me help YOU out.

Yes, it is curious that this name has not been used since 1724.

Hope this helps.

Anura Guruge


One thought on “Papal Name Last Used in 1724 is ‘Innocent.’ OK?”

  1. Your observation that the regnal name Innocent has not been chosen since the death of Pope Innocent XIII in 1724 inspired me to research other papal names that have not been assumed in recent centuries. The last Pope Urban was the eighth of that name and reigned from 1623 until 1644. The Conventual Franciscan who reigned as Clement XIV from 1769 to 1774 was the last Clement in papal history so far, despite the fact that seven popes carried that name in the 17th and 18th centuries. The papal name Gregory was last chosen by the Camoldese abbot who reigned as Gregory XVI from 1831 until 1846, and the last time the world heard the name Leo announced after a papal conclave was in 1878 when the highly regarded and gifted Cardinal Pecci chose to be called Leo XIII and reigned until the early twentieth century. There have been three pontiffs in Church history who have been honored with the title “the Great”, and they were the first popes to reign with their given names Leo, Gregory, and Nicholas. The regnal name Nicholas has not been taken since a deeply spiritual man of letters reigned as Nicholas V from 1447 to 1455 and represented the highest ideals of the Renaissance. Whichever cardinals are elected to the papacy in the conclaves of the future, there will be many illustrious and honored papal names to choose from as the papacy proceeds into its’ third millennium. Thank you and God bless you.

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