The All New ‘Popes and Papacy’ Web Site With Integrated Blog

Popes and Papacy, that complements this blog, has been totally revamped.

Rather than just being a blog, the new, is a Web site with an integrated blog and forum. [The forum will be activated soon.]

The Web site section contains dedicated areas for papabili, and errors in books about popes. In time other sections focusing on Papal Facts, Papal Stats etc. will be added. There will also be accurate information as to where the popes are buried. ‘Portals’ for my two papal books, viz. ‘Popes and the Tales of Their Names‘ and ‘The Next Pope‘.

The home page, which will be updated weekly, at a minimum, contains four fixed areas:

  1. The Popes — posting about the popes and papal history.
  2. In Meus Mens (On My Mind) — Views and commentary on contemporary papal issues.
  3. Pope Quotes — set of quotes by or about the popes that will be updated weekly.
  4. Pictorial — popes and papacy related picture; the first being that of the Septizodium in Rome, the site, in 1241, of what may have been the very first conclave with sequestration.
  5. Pope Stats — a new set of pope-related stats, the current ones pertain ‘percentage of life as a pope,’ e.g., John XXIII (#262), who managed to achieve so much during his pontificate, was only pope for less than 5% of his life.

This site will continue to be devoted to papal elections and the electorate; i.e., the electors from the College of Cardinals.

Please visit on a regular basis since it will be updated more frequently.

Thank you.

Anura Guruge


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