Pope Peter The Roman? The Next Pope? Seriously?

Anura Guruge

Another post related to St. Malacy and Peter the Roman

Another post about the inconsistencies in the
St. Mala
chy ‘Prophecy of the Popes’

The next pope, the one that will succeed Pope Benedict XVI (#266), will NOT go by the name ‘Peter the Roman,’ ‘Pope Peter the Roman,’ ‘Peter II,’ ‘ Petrus Romanus,’ ‘Pietro the Great, ‘Pete of Ireland,‘ or any name, in anyway, that has anything to do with ‘Peter.’

I will even go as much to say that the next pope will even bypass ‘Paul VII,’ though it is a perfectly valid papal name, because of St. Paul’s association with St. Peter.

I am NOT sure how I can make this any clearer. The St. Malachy prophecy that claims that the next pope will be ‘Peter the Roman’ will NOT come to pass.

If you check my work (which is readily available, in large quantities on the Web) you will see that I, usually, do NOT hesitate to admit that I might be wrong. During my star-crossed life I have learned that fallibility is my faithful handmaiden, though my track record for veracity leaves most in the dust.

St. Malachy

As far as I am concerned, there are no IF AND BUTS. There are no caveats or weasel words.

The next pope will NOT be Peter the Roman.

I am as certain of this, as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

How can I be so certain, in this instance?

Please do appreciate that it is not just a trivial matter of the next pope wanting to be known as ‘Peter the Roman.’ Per the prophecy, having a pope named ‘Peter the Roman’ signals the end of the Church and the fall of Rome. That is rub. That is why I have always been so sure that we will never see a pope called ‘Peter the Roman’ or even ‘Peter II.’

Why the certainty …

Simple, it has all to with the 100 to 120 cardinal electors that will elect the next pope.

So let me explain this to you, diplomatically and tactfully as possible, using as many euphemism that I can muster.

IF YOU believe that the next pope will be called Peter the Roman you are ALSO SAYING (possibly without realizing it) that ALL the cardinal electors are gaumless and hapless.

That is where we DIFFER, and why I am so, so, so confident that the next pope will not be Peter the Roman or Peat of Ireland.

Irrespective of what YOU think of the cardinal electors, I know that at least 30, possibly quite a LOT MORE, are very savvy, ‘smooth operators’ with a well developed sense of self-preservation.

Think about it. You don’t become a Prince of the Church if you really can’t find your way around the proverbial block.

Plus, I am sure, that there are at least 10 among my 30 ‘smooth operators’ who are physically strong enough to forcibly subdue any among them that was elected pope.

So I will go along with you, I will compromise, because I want to be the ‘good cop.’

I will AGREE with you that the next pope, per Malachy, will be the last pope.

I will AGREE with you that the next pope, per Malachy, will feed the flock through many tribulations.

I will AGREE with you that the next pope, per Malachy, will preside over the destruction of Rome.

I will AGREE with you that the next pope, per Malachy, will lead all of YOU to be judged by a formidable judge.

I will AGREE with you that the next pope, per Malachy, will even tell the cardinal electors convened in the Sistine Chapel that he wishes to be known as ‘Peter the Roman.’

Get that?

I will concede that the next pope-elect will tell his electors that he wants to be ‘Peter the Roman.’

BUT, that is where WE part company.

St Malachy

In my book, at this juncture, my 10 brave, physically robust cardinal electors, Schonborn, Fox Napier and Barbarian, among this number … JUMP the pope-elect.

These cardinals are not going to sit idle while the Church and Rome are destroyed. It won’t be the first time a pope-elect has had hands placed on him.

That is why they wear RED. They are supposed to shed their blood to defend the Church.

To have the next pope be Peter the Roman is to say that the Church, Rome and Western Europe are at an end.

There are at least 30 cardinals savvy enough to make sure that this will not happen.

Do you get that?

Screw the prophecy. Think about the cardinal electors. There are some very SAVVY operators in that pool. They are NOT going to have NATO troops marching in on the Vatican.


Can we PLEASE stop this charade.

The NEXT POPE will NOT BE Peter the Roman.



12 thoughts on “Pope Peter The Roman? The Next Pope? Seriously?”

  1. By the way, what name will the next pope choose in your opinion. After the end of the Western Schism the most frequent name was Pius (11 popes), followed by Clement (8),
    Innocent (6) and Paul (5). There were 4 popes named Benedict, Gregory and Leo. There were 3 popes called Alexander. There were 2 named John Paul, Julius, Sixtus and Urban. Finally there was a single pope called Adrian, Callixtus Eugene, Marcellus, Martin, Nicholas (the last of them dying in 1555) as well as one recent John (John XXIII). We can discard all those single appearances before 1555, together with Julius and Sixtus (Julius IV would suggest an attemp to regain the worldly power of Julius II). We can also discard John Paul, since the name implies a new pope comparing himself with John Paul II. Agostino Vallini, the vicar of Rome, could be Urban IX, but there is still a negative picture of last Urban (Urban VIII) with Galilei. Although Alexander VI was not the last one, the following two were not such great popes to recover the impact of Borgia. Innocent? Not used for almost 300 years (however, John was not used for 700 and Paul not for 350 years when chosen by John XXIII and Paul VI, respectively). But Innocent would imply an inactive pope who passively watches the evils deeds in the Church and the world. Pius still recalls the controversies with Pius XII. Clement? The last one suppressed the Jesuits. So, what remains is: Benedict (XVII), Gregory (XVII), Leo (XIV), John (XXIV) and Paul (VII). A strict follower of Ratzinger could call himself Benedict XVII, but I think that he would prefer to stress a continuity between Wojtyla and Ratzinger by choosing some other name. Gregory and Leo would suit well (Gregory I the Great; Leo I the Great and Leo XIII). A “progressive” candidate could be John XXIV, but this would imply a short and roaring pontificate (would he call for another Council?!). Paul? The “progressives” find Paul VI conservative, the “conservatives” find him progressive. The choice of name Paul would maybe imply a moderate Pope, but also a time of many changes with results that still need to be examined. Thus, I think Gregory and Leo are the most likely names for the next pope (in 2005 my choice was Gregory or Benedict). NB, there were 3 patriarchs of Venice becoming pope in 20th century, but none of them Leo (of course, the was a lion in their coat-of-arms). While Pius X probably didn’t want to imply a continuity with his immediate predecessor (and particularly not with his Curia), neither John XXIII nor John Paul I choose the name Leo.

    1. Marko,
      Good to hear from YOU.
      Until last night I had not ‘seen’ YOUR email.
      PLEASE, can you, in future, use a more APPROPRIATE email.
      At one point I deleted all your comments. Then I realized I could post them WITHOUT that email. So that is what I did.
      Marko, having that email on this blog … IMPACTS the credibility of THIS BLOG. That is my problem.
      If you don’t want people to know WHO you are that is fine. But, please use an email that is not ‘provocative.’ Using the name of a FAMOUS dead person, when it is clearly NOT your name, is, IN MY BOOK, not kosher.
      All the best.

    2. Gregory XVII is a favored name of ultraconservative antipopes who wish we still had Gregory XVI ruling the Papal States and banning those newfangled railroads (see the Palmarians).Even if a new Gregory wished to evoke Gregory I or Gregory VII would the left listen to that?

  2. But, if that is the case, then how does one overlook the recent Catholic magazine that said: “Peter the Roman – we await you!”…? More precisely, it said the following:

    “John Paul the Venerable – we honor you!
    Benedict the Good Shepherd – we love you!”

    (and the directly underneath!)

    “Peter the Roman – we await you!”

    It would seem more likely that these people are more ‘aware’ of what is going on?

  3. A good read. It may be of interest to you to note that Pope Benedict has announced 24 new cardinals (announced on 20 October 2010). Ten of these were Italian and eight of these will be able to vote at the next conclave. The college now has 120 Cardinals 25 Cardinals that are Italian..

    I think the Pope is trying to send a message to the church that he intends for his successor to be Italian. If the Cardinals elect Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone the current Vatican Secretary of State, this would be a fulfillment of the Prophecy as His full name is Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone and he was born in Rome.

    I just hope the Cardinals are as smart as you say they are.

    1. I have covered the 24 presumptive cardinals named since 6am on Wednesday, the day they were announced.
      Not sure the pope wants his successor to be Italian. He is not Italian.
      He wants his successor to believe in the same doctrine and philosophy he does and ironically it is a Sri Lankan, that I have dubbed the ‘Very Tanned Ratzinger’ that fits that bill quite well.
      That has already been covered too.
      Go over to my popes and papacy Web site. You will be amazed by the volume of information we have on the 24 named just in the last 5 days.
      Thanks & Cheers

      1. Anura, Thanks for the info. Yes, I was amazed..your website is very good, I will be reading it regularly. Cardinal Ranjith – it has a good ring to it. I’m sure Sri Lanka will rejoyce at his elevation! Yes I agree, Ranjith is very conservative. Or, traditional?? Either way you look at it – there are two camps in the Curia and College: Conservative and liberal.

        I think this Pope is very Euro-centric. It seems to me that his pontificate is devoted to restoring christianity in europe and fighting the secularists. After his election he said that he took the regnal name of Benedict after St Benedict – the patron saint of Europe. Also, the Pope is anxious to heal the great schism between the Orthodox and Catholics.

        I am interested in your view in that you say that the reason why the next pope will not be ‘Peter the Roman’ simply because it spells the end of the church and, the princes of the church would never allow that to happen. May I respectfully say that if that were the case, then they wouldn’t have elected this Pope because he could be the glory of the Olive, or John Paul the Second (or First – as his name was Albino Luciano – literally white light, etc)

        Have you heard of the famous tale of cardinal Spellman of New York – sailing up and down the Tiber prior to the concalve that elected John XXIII?? (pastor et Nautus)

        What I think this shows is that the Curia take this prophecy very seriously, and yes they may do everything they can to stop it, but that doesn’t mean they can. Anyway my learned friend – those are my thoughts.

        once again, great website and I appreciate your thoughts. And yes – I am a big fan of the Sri Lankan cricket team – I always cheer for them especially against Australia. (I just thought i’d throw that in there!)Cheers.

      2. Oh dear.
        The Cardinal Spellman story is a JOKE. He never did that. For one the Apostolic Constitution prohibits cardinals, with automatic excommunication, from SELF-PROMOTION when it comes to being the next pope. Nonetheless I researched the Spellman story. Never happened. Could not have happened. The other cardinals would have thrown him into the Tiber with a concrete weight attached — there were a lot of Italians in the College those days.
        Peter the Roman is a fantasy. I could never believe it.

  4. I think you have misunderstood – Malachy doesn’t refer to a name, but rather some type of meaning that is associated with the pope!!!

  5. Italy seems to be on the path of Greece with respect to debt default. US is floating the Eurozone and war with Iran seems inevitable.
    The prophecy of Teia Tephi (Zedekiah’s daughter) has no biblical merit, nor does Jeremiah taking her to Ireland, but recovering the Ark of the Covenant and Jacob’s Pillar coincident with the 2nd Coming is all that remains of Irish, Scottish, English heraldry.
    Any thought on how a Peter the Roman may figure in with Irish Druidism?

    1. Thanks Howard. Yes, Italy definitely seems to be in for a rough ride. I even read, for the first time today, the possibility of Italy being broken into two.
      I really am not qualified to talk about any of the prophecies other than that of Malachy since I have not studied them. Though I have spent more hours than most at Stonehenge, starting in the days before it was fenced out, I do not know anything about Irish Druidism. All I can say is that I am 100% convinced that the Peter the Roman is bunkum. If you want to take it further, please do just to show that ‘there is nothing new (or should that be knew) under the sun’. Thanks. Cheers.

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