Did The Holy Spirit Endorse The Election Of Pope Benedict XVI?

Though many have not thought about this, this question could prove to be one of the most significant theological issues in many a century!

The pope, Benedict XVI (#266), is still mired in the controversy as to whether he, as a cardinal, was instrumental in the clergy abuse cover-up.

IF not for the fact that he was elected pope, any and all of his alleged transgressions related to the clergy abuse scandal could be dismissed, per rote, as ‘FREE WILL.’

But, his election as pope creates a wrinkle … at least to those that are WILLING to think about it.

If the Holy Spirit always has a say in the election of popes, then the Holy Spirit had a role in the election of Benedict XVI.

This, whether YOU like it or not, links the Holy Spirit, through the election of Benedict XVI, with the clergy abuse scandal.

It is no longer just possible to say, FREE WILL, FREE WILL, FREE WILL.

Think about it. Don’t get distressed. It is something that has to be thought about.

Please read this, my initial thesis on this … <May 23, 2010 reply to Andrea>.

Thank YOU.

Anura Guruge


4 thoughts on “Did The Holy Spirit Endorse The Election Of Pope Benedict XVI?”

  1. No, bro, the PROBLEM here is that YOU think Benedict XVI has cover up the child abuse scandal.

    But if you do a sincere deep investigation you will note that actually Joseph Ratzinger has done more than any other to try to solve that scandal.

    So, actually the Holy Spirit, has endorse not just the election but the Pope Benedict XVI himself.

    Probably you could read this from Sandro Magister (vaticanist)


    1. Thank you.
      One good link always deserves another. So: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2010/05/04/video-delay-in-defrocking-priest/?iref=allsearch
      Bro, THINK FREE OR DIE is my motto, but what I think is always based on as much FACTS as I can assimilate. So, what I think is by all means influenced by DOCUMENTS I have seen with Cardinal Ratzinger’s signature. I could be wrong.
      In my humble opinion it is a shame that the Holy Spirit isn’t putting an end to this. He has the PERFECT opportunity.
      How about a BLAZING ‘cross,’ in the sky, similar to what Constantine saw before the battle of Tiber, as the pope leaves Cyprus. Then we can all move onto better productive things.
      All the best. Enjoy.

  2. Hi Anura, Thanks.

    I’m happy you are a Free thinker, the world needs more ppl like you.

    There are 2 different things about a process against a priest one is the waiver of the votes (reduction to the lay state) granted only by the Vatican, and the suspension from active ministry (full or partial).

    The Bishop has the power to suspend any priest from active ministry without Rome’s agreement(usually child abuse scandal,heretics,etc.).

    In this particular case Mr. Kieslie was suspended by his bishop in 1979 ,so he wasn’t allowed to celebrate any sacrament or public ministry.

    So, At that point of the time any desition from Vatican wasn’t really important. In fact at that point of time the responsability of the waiver of votes was the Congregation for the Clergy not the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith(probably Ratzinger was asked because a canonical issue).

    Thank you for your time Anura.

    1. Thank you, Carlos,
      Being a ‘free thinker’ has its price, but the REWARD is getting to meet people like you.
      I appreciate your comments.
      Carlos, can I steer YOU towards another discussion … that of precedence among the Cardinal Bishops.
      Have you looked at those posts … please?
      If not, could you PLEASE, have a look at this … https://papam.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/does-italian-cardinal-re-really-have-precedence-over-nigerian-cardinal-arinze/

      Please continue to submit comments. We Free Thinkers must stick together, Bro.
      Take care. All the best. Cheers,

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