College of Cardinals: The Statistics In Tabular Form; 6 Page PDF With Demographics By Vatican ‘Continents’

Click for a 6 page PDF of the College of Cardinals Stats
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To help us keep on top of any fluctuations in papabili dynamics and enable us to speculate on potential conclave politics, I try to maintain up to-date statistical and demographic data on this blog.

I now also have the relevant stats in tabular form — as a 6-page, Adboe Acrobat PDF [which was 111KB as of the July 15 update]. I find that this tabular format permits easier assimilation of the data and trends. My goal is to keep on adding more rows (and thus pages) to this table as time permits.

I have now added pertinent demographics (with percentages per category) per Vatican ‘continent’ — in addition to doing it in terms of West Europe, East Europe, USA and Canada. Having it at this granularity provides some interesting insights. The College, in total, has 27 cardinal deacons — they are, however, all from Europe and the USA [with 4 from Eastern Europe]. The only non-European suburbicarian see Cardinal Bishop is from Africa, viz. Cardinal Francis Arinze. Of the 32 cardinals belonging to religious orders, 34% are from the Americas with just 2 from Africa. The 4 living cardinals created by Paul VI [#263] are all from the Americas. So that is the level of detail you can get from this table.

Just a small sample from the table

I have a fairly large Excel spreadsheet that I now use to generate these numbers. I have resorted to using formulas such as this so that the counting is done automatically for me.

[Yes, I used to be a programmer, an Assembler and a microcode programmer at that in the 1970s for IBM.]

If needed I can go further with this data. As you will see, I have done demographics for the USA and Canada. I can do it for any country that I want. Just need to change the country code. Yes, there is a slight chance that a number or two may be wrong because the formula is in error. I plan to spend an hour or so tonight going through each formula by hand. Let me know what you think.

Click here for the latest table.

Anura Guruge


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  1. Great compilation! Thanks for putting this together. However, one possible error I noticed was the date. Shouldn’t it be as of July 8, 2010 instead of 2007 ?

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