‘The Next Pope’ Book: Now At Revision 1 (August 19, 2010)

'The Next Pope' Book is now at Revision 1
'The Next Pope' Book is now at Revision 1

One of my motivators for writing ‘The Next Pope‘ was that I could, thanks to the ‘print-on-demand’ (PoD) mechanisms of today,  ‘easily’ update it, at will, whenever I felt a revision was warranted.

This would differentiate it from prior ‘Next Pope‘ books which soon became out of date and irrelevant as new events transpired — e.g., the creation of new cardinals. My goal is to update this book, ideally once a year, to reflect the latest data.

This first revision, REVISION 1 (August 19, 2010), 6 months after the book was released, corrected eleven ‘errors’ found in the book plus a fair sprinkling of typos (which somehow got past the four proof readers who charged me for supposedly proofing this book). These errors, per my promise to the readers, were listed << here >> … in ‘The Next Pope’ errata section. All these are fixed.

So any new copies shipped after today, whether you buy it from Amazon, lulu, Barnes & Noble, W. H. Smith etc., should have the above ‘Revision 1’ notation on the copyright page — and the known errors fixed.

You may come across, especially at Amazon, folks selling supposedly USED copies. Check with them. In many instances there are NOT used copies. They say ‘used’ to justify their ‘lower’ prices. PoD books are available to resellers at a very steep discount, 55% off the list price is normal. So the reseller has a lot of latitude as to what they can charge. Hence the various discounts you see. Some, rather than calling it a discount, says it is ‘used’ — but it nearly new condition. All I am trying to say is that given this is PoD, even the so called used books might still be new ones, at Rev. 1, thanks to PoD. OK?

Anura Guruge