Oct. 18: Salvador ‘Mr. Cardinals’ Miranda’s Birthday. Please Send Him A Note

I assume most of you know Dear Salvador and his amazing ‘The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church‘.

I first wrote about Salvador in 2008. << here >>

Salvador has been a TREMENDOUS friend and resource to me. Always answered my questions in detail and promptly — however, inane they might have been.

He is a class act. One of a kind.

What he has done in terms of documenting the cardinals is mind boggling. Amazing opus of work.

October 18 is his birthday. I have already sent him an e-card.

IF you have used his site, PLEASE send him a note, wish him a great birthday, a very long life and thank him for what he has given us.

Since his e-mail is on the front of his Web site, I will share it with you: Salvador.Miranda@fiu.edu

OK? Deal?

Thanks & Cheers

P.S., IF he asks, you can tell him about this post (some of you will also get a private e-mail)

P.P.S., IF he was a cardinal, he is very long way from becoming a non-elector.