Ukrainian Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, 77, Retires; Composition of College Unchanged — 201 Cardinals, 119 Electors

by Anura Guruge

Ukrainian Cardinal Lubomyr Husar retires
Ukrainian Cardinal Lubomyr Husar retires

On February 10, 2011, per the requirements of Canon Law, in this case, however, per the 1990 Code of Cannons of the Eastern Churches (CCEO), Canon 126 § 2, Ukrainian Cardinal, Lubomyr Husar, retired from being the Archbishop of Lviv — all archbishops having to tender their resignation to the pope when they turn 75. Cardinal Husar, who was created a cardinal priest in 2001, was born February 26, 1933 — and such is now 16 days shy of his 78th birthday. He had been the archbishop of Lviv since 2000.

This retirement only changes the ’employment’ statistics of the College — 109 of the 201 cardinals are retired, 32 of them electors.

Spanish Cardinal Agustín Garcia-Gasco Vicente will turn 80 on February 12, 2011 thus reducing the cardinal electors to 118.

All of the College of Cardinal tables will be updated late February 11, 2011 to reflect Cardinal Husar’s retirement and Cardinal Garcia-Gasco Vicente status as a non-elector.

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