‘The Next Pope 2011′ Published and Available

by Anura Guruge
The Next Pope 2011 by Anura Guruge
When I published ‘The Next Pope‘ in February 2010, I made a point of noting that I would endeavor to update the book, on a regular basis, using today’s cost-effective ‘print-on-demand’ (PoD) technology. I had always felt that PoD gave me an edge over those that had published ‘next pope’ books using conventional channels — where ‘x’ copies of a book are printed in one print run and stored in a warehouse awaiting orders.

The 2011 version has a completely new Chapter 1 with a new slate of papabili and an explanation of my current thinking; e.g., the next pope is likely to be ‘older than ‘younger’ etc.

I also added a whole new 29-page (15,632 word) appendix titled Sede vacante minutiae’. Those that have read it, which included Father John (whose full name appears in the book), Darien Clark, ‘Fitz’ et. al. said that they enjoyed this addition given that it contains a day-by-day account of what happened during the 2005 transition starting the day before John Paul II’s death.

I published this version (with expanded, unrestricted distribution) via CreateSpace — Amazon’s PoD arm. This is my third book with them. Going through CreateSpace enabled me to significantly reduce the price of the book — as much as 46%! Amazing. So, this book, though bigger, is $13.65 cheaper.

The list price for the new book, through all channels, will be US $16.00.

For readers of this blog I am providing an additional US $2.00 discount so that you can purchase it for $14.00 from CreateSpace (albeit before shipping). To get it for US $14,00 go to CreateSpace and use this Discount Code NJY2B4SE.

It will be available on Amazon (US) within the week. There are also some new pictures.