The Fugitive Celebrates, Boston Fumes

On the very day that 85% Catholic Ireland closed its embassy to the Holy See (in protest as to the Vatican’s coverup of the clergy sex abuse crime spree), the Vatican yet again set out to demonstrate that to them the sex abuse issue is but a joke! They had the audacity to organize a gala dinner party for the biggest (in every sense of the word) culprit of them all, The Fugitive — who turned 80 that day.

This is an insult.

The US should follow Ireland’s lead and also close its embassy to the Holy See.

What happened yesterday was a resounding slap in the face for all US sex abuse victims and a blatant ‘up yours’ to all of the US by an unrepentant, arrogant, insensitive and heartless Vatican.

Thousands of innocent young kids in Boston were raped over decades.

The Vatican, by their actions yesterday, acts as if these kids, now adults, should consider that they were blessed to be raped by Catholic priests. To me, there is no other way to interpret this inane, provocative gesture.

To be honest, I was not aware of this gross behavior by the Vatican. As some of the more observant among you might have noticed, I refuse to type the Fugitives name. So, I had not done a Google on him. Then, late last night, I get an e-mail from Louis Epstein, one of my valued ‘collaborators’ that went:
“Seen this? I assume you are as ever against the Law:

I nearly blew a gasket. It gets even worse. The Vatican made sure that the Bearded Cardinal and other Bishops from Boston were in Rome. Yes. They claim that it was a coincidence. Yea. And pigs fly. This is beyond the pale.

The Fugitive church should be picketed 24×7 by groups from the US. He should not be allowed to leave his apartment. He is a Fugitive. He should, at a minimum, be kept confined to his palatial apartment in Rome so that he can do no more harm.

Here are some links re. the reaction from Boston, lawyers for the victims and the victims.

Boston Fox TV station.

Boston Globe.


5 thoughts on “The Fugitive Celebrates, Boston Fumes”

  1. You missed the post-party coverage:
    (not sure if URL works here?)

    As for embassies,I am annoyed not only by the Vatican insisting that ambassadors to it share its views on abortion rather than those of their own governments,but the issue of ambassadors being accredited to and from “the Holy See” rather than “Vatican City”.The nuncio’s work with the Catholic Church in the USA is from a diplomatic point of view something he does in his spare time,and our state-to-state relations should be with the country,not the religion currently dominant there.If Vatican City became a haven for Hindu-Asatru syncretist fundamentalists who tarred and feathered Christians on sight,it would not be of material difference to secular diplomacy.

    1. I did see that. Thank you. Camillo Ruini. What can I say. This line cracked me up, given that it was stated so nonchalantly: ‘Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan of Mexico was all smiles as he left in the company of two nuns.’
      Agree with all you said about embassies. Some, as I suspected, did not like my stridency. By child abuse really galls me.
      Thanks. Cheers.

    1. You are very clever and CAN be very funny.
      I love this.
      Do we have a ‘Lust’? Definitely no ‘Joy’. I will have to think about this. This could be a good game. Father John, when in song, can be good at this.
      Thanks. All the best.
      Going to see Puss In Boots in IMAX 3-D! I have seen an undersea documentary in IMAX 3-D. We have to drive 55 minutes to see it. A birthday present for a local 5 year old that we know. Economy is tough up here. Kids suffer and that bothers me, inordinately, because it is not their fault.

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