College Of Cardinals: Updated, Accurate ‘Cardinal Distribution By Country’ Counts.

by Anura Guruge


The incorrect country counts that appeared in the Summary Table at 'Papam'.
The incorrect country counts that appeared in the Summary Table at ‘Papam’.

I got a very polite e-mail yesterday informing me that I had screwed up on my country distribution counts.

“Dear sir:

Note that in this web pagecontaining the “by Vatican continent” statistics, teh indiviudal country counts and the total countries do not add up.

Under each column on that page, “total college” “Cardinal electors” and “non-electors” adding the country count for each continent the result is as follows:

Total college actual country count is 70, total line shows 69

Cardinal electors actual country count is 56, total line shows 50

Non-electors actual count is 34, total line shows 32″

I informed him that I was not at ALL surprised. Most of the the time I expect it to be wrong!

I used to hand count these numbers and then add/subtract depending on what the changes were. It was not automated via a Spreadsheet — the only part of that table that was NOT automated.

Though I am crazy busy (and now working till 1 am in the morning), I decided to Spreadsheet it. Playing with Excel is very therapeutic for me. Totally relaxes me. Has always been the case. So, I spent 90 minutes having fun with Excel. It is now automated with multiple automated cross-checks.

So the top table is correct — as far as I can tell.

Don’t EVEN TRY to check it against the Cardinals Website. It currently has some major arithmetic problems. The numbers provided by my correspondent are also WRONG!

If you want to triple check them and let me know, PLEASE do so.

Remember that the ‘# Countries’ in the Elector & Non-Elector columns do not have to agree with that in the TOTAL column. There is overlap.