Popes Resignation Was WRONG! Weak Pope Will Be Followed By Strong Pope. Lord Bertone vs. Cardinal Ouellet

by Anura Guruge

The pope should NOT have resigned. Yes, of course, he had the right and he had talked about it. John Paul II did NOT resign. He braved it out till the end and let God make the call. My Queen will do the same. She has said she will not abdicate. She was given the job — for life.

That Benedict XVI resigned finally confirmed my refrain of the last 18 months. He was a weak pope. GROBR. The timing of his resignation is clear. He wanted to make sure his buddy Kasper can be an elector. He turns 80 on March 5 but will be eligible because he was under 80 when the pope resigned.

My top 5:

#1 (tied): Lord Bertone

#1 (tied): Marc Ouellet

#3: Lord Tettamanzi

#4: Angelo Scola

#5: Lord Schonborn

Fat pope, followed by thin pope. Old pope followed by young pope.

Weak pope followed by Lord Bertone. QED.

Ouellet ONLY if papal resignation now become accepted as the norm.

German pope soured it for other non-Italians. So that will weigh against both Ouellet and Schonborn.

Next pope WILL NOT be American. Next pope will be white.

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3 thoughts on “Popes Resignation Was WRONG! Weak Pope Will Be Followed By Strong Pope. Lord Bertone vs. Cardinal Ouellet”

  1. Eh, you never much cared for Ben16 anyway…you’ve been pushing him out the door all last year! 😉
    Even assuming Caspar the Friendly Ghost now gets a shot, and Benedict actually resigned for that “real” reason, there’s no guarantee that the rest of the electors will pay any attention whatsoever. And unless Ben changes the rules in the next seventeen days, he’s not going into conclave to browbeat anyone into voting the way he thinks they ought.

  2. I won’t prognosticate on who the next pope might be–I wanted Arinze last time, and we all know how that went….

    Instead, here’s a lighthearted list of what Name I’d like to see for the next pope. Not that any of these have a snowball’s chance in Hell of coming to be….anyway, here goes:

    We’ve had a ton of Piuses (7 of them!) in the last 250 years, and in the last 55 years nearly every pope was named John or Paul or in combination. Time to give all those names a rest for the next coupe of centuries.

    Mark II – for obvious reasons. Besides, we haven’t had one for nearly 1,700 years. I mean, 23 John (not counting antipopes) and only one Mark? Not fair!
    Andrew I – my middle name. Besides, it should please (or anger!) the Orthodox. And it’s another one of those unused apostle names….
    Clement XV – Fine, I know Clement supressed the Jesuits in 1773, but they got over it. So should the electors.
    Stephen XI – It’s time to end all that goofy double-numbering nonsense and move straight on to #11, legitimize the almost-pope-for-four-days Stephen II (Mar. 752) and be done with it!
    Boniface X – if there was ever a name ripe for rehabilitation, it’s Boniface. The last two (VIII and IX) basically sucked. So Boniface X could start off with absolutely no pre-conceived expectations!

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