So What Will Ex-Pope Ratzinger Do? I Think That Will Have To Be His Name. He Can’t Be Benedict XVI Once He Is Emeritus.

by Anura Guruge

Kind of funny, in a sad way, to papal historians like me. Another well known pope to resign: not once BUT twice. Benedict ‘3-term’ IX (#146, #148 & #151). This will blacken the name ‘Benedict’ for a long time.

So what do you call an ex-pope, other than ‘loser’? He can’t carry on being Benedict XVI. That was his papal name. He has to Ratzinger. But, what Ratzinger. Pope Emeritus Ratzinger?

Where will he live. Rome? Italy? Germany? Elba? Or will he move to the U.S.?

Yes, I am a cynic. Benedict IX resigned for the first time BECAUSE he, around 25 at the time, wanted to get married. Will Benedict finally marry Ingrid Stampa?

What will the ex-Pope do during the conclave? Will he attend the inauguration?

Why did he spurn God’s will? When 6 year olds get killed everybody says ‘God’s Will’, they are going home to God. So what about the pope. Didn’t God just want to ask him to come home? This to me violates God’s will.


4 thoughts on “So What Will Ex-Pope Ratzinger Do? I Think That Will Have To Be His Name. He Can’t Be Benedict XVI Once He Is Emeritus.”

  1. I’m a simple layman reader on catholic church history, and it could maybe be interesting to have a trivia from the descriptions of your books available at, maybe a little insight to what is the conclave rite from elector cardinals, the odds and peculiar details, the statistics and what are the foundation of those statistics, know more about your scope on these topics. Well… maybe I’m not wrong on stating, because it is of consense deduction about objective historians (, for a historian that is called to have objective statements about the facts that concern a good proportion on humankind and/or what you are trying to state even if it is trivial facts, but papal succession involves the eyesight of millions of persons around the world, but have you a slight knowledge of petrine ministry? what’s the point to start from or to get to on saying this decision from Benedict XVI violates God’s will? maybe comes from a different religious scope. If so, what is God’s will for him?? Tradition has led many popes to finish with their death their papacy, but, as I know, they have all the right (unless objectives outbounding catholic rules, present on several pope decisions in past, the past by other circumnstances), but it is their prerogative, lawful, normal, not usual, to resign if they are concious of doing a good decision on leaving papacy. I respect every religious opinion because I know it comes from heart or from reason as sincere as it could be, even agnostic, all of them, but please explain me a little more, maybe I’m loosing something… and maybe, if we want to bet: yes… maybe emeritus pope…; no… it will be very unprobable he will attend to the conclave (he commisioned the cardinal’s college to elect a new pope)…; and no… wanna bet he is not persuing marriage?? (it’s difficult that college girls on Vatican city could be seeking him on spring-breaks -Alessandro VI is history-, but it is not the habit on these days, it would be good to have an actual contact with real bishops or roman curia to know about their objectives nowadays).. What are your sources?? I bet he’s going to do what he said he is going to do… and I’m not trying to say I see the future… I just see the present and the recent popes behaviour, and if he attends to next basketball playoffs on United States please tell me, a little rest is good for you, for me, for him and I’d like to see that on TV if possible… please explain me a little more… maybe you could open my eyes if I’m wrong… and I really wish you a good day, it’s good to hear brand-new opinions like this… this is not a polemic reaction from religion… it’s not the matter… it’s history happening on these days… soon we’ll see if I’m wrong my friend

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