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Cardinal Deaths In 2015.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

9 cardinals have died so far in 2015 — up to October 7, 2015.

Here are the pertinent details. Click to ENLARGE.


The average duration between deaths have been 23.5 days. The typical average for this is 44.6 days. The 4 deaths in April was atypical. That 44% belonged to a religious order is also slightly out of the norm.

10 cardinals died in both 2014 & 2013, while the number was 9 for both 2012 & 2011. It was 6 in 2010. So the 2015 number is close to to ‘high water mark’.

Keeping track of cardinal deaths is in no way morbid. It is something one has to do IF one is to keep tabs on the College of Cardinals. Only three things alter the fundamental parameters of the College: creations, 80-year aging outs and deaths.

I used to maintain this type of chart — until I stopped doing so once Pope Francis was elected in 2013. Click to ENLARGE. I plan to go back to doing this.

In 2011 I did a fair amount of research and analysis into cardinal deaths. Here are some examples. Go to “Popes and Papacy” and do a search on “cardinal deaths” for more. Here are some of the charts from those posts. Click to ENLARGE. My goal is to resurrect and update these charts. The good news is that I have the Excel spreadsheet.