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Cardinals Over 75 Years Who Are Still Not Fully Retired.

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by Anura Guruge

As the prior post for Lluis Martinez Sistach retirement as the Archbishop of Barcelona highlighted, Cardinals (and for that matter Archbishops) are supposed to start their retirement process on their 75th birthday.

By Canon Law, #401 §1 all archbishops have to tender their resignations to the pope, in writing, when they turn 75. When the pope actually accepts the resignation, of course, is up to the pope. Sometimes it is ‘immediate’ and at others, like with these two, it can be a couple (to a few) years later. This is perfectly normal.

But there are exceptions. Here is the current list of ‘Retirement Pending’ cardinals — the key ones highlighted.

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My Job As The Lightning Rod For ‘The Next Pope’ Is Done. I Did Pretty Damn Well Too! Got Everything BUT Name RIGHT.


Anura Guruge

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Yes, Bergoglio WAS on my published ‘top 10’ list in ‘The Next Pope 2011’, page 4. That is indisputable.

So, lets go through what I did get right:

1/ I did list Jorge Mario Bergoglio as one of my ‘top 10’, though he was my last. But, better than those that did not have him at all in their lists. Proof: pages 4 & 29 of ‘The Book‘.

2/ I said on December 6, 2010, I said: “The Next Pope Is Also Likely To Be Over 75”. Proof: this post & page 7 of ‘The Book‘.

3/ On April 20, 2010, I said: “The Next Pope: Non-European, Non-Curial With ‘Clean Hands”. Proof: this post & page 11 of ‘The Book‘.

4/ I adamantly maintained that the next pope will not be from Africa, Asia or the U.S.A. Proof: this ‘pigs will fly’ post at a minimum & page 12 of ‘The Book‘.

5/ I was beyond categorical that the next pope will not be ‘Peter anything‘. Proof: this post as a start & page 221 of ‘The Book‘.

6/ I did foresee that the new pope might assume a brand new name. Proof: page 226 of ‘The Book‘.

Find me anybody else who got as much right … in published, verifiable form.

Page 226.
Page 226.