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Fax Numbers For Cardinal Re and Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro

I refer to my prior article … << this one >>.

It is possible that Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro, Secretary to the College of Cardinals, is stalling because Cardinal Re is his BOSS?

Here are the two faxes I have sent to Archbishop de Castro and Cardinal Re:



I have nothing to hide or any axes to grind. All I am asking for are THE FACTS.

Here, this is the fax number for Cardinal Re: (within Italy, ’39’ being the country code) 39-06-698-85303.

Dr. Massimo Ceresa, Reference Librarian, Vatican Library on May 18, 2010 send me an email that said: ‘We suggest to write to the Secretary of the Cardinal’s college (Piazza
Pio XII, 10 – 00193 Roma; fax: 06/69885303; no e-mail). Sincerely’

So the fax I have used for Archbishop de Castro is the same as that above for Cardinal Re.

Please feel free to send your own fax to the Archbishop or Cardinal.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of transparency and competence from the Vatican. << smile >>

All the best. Cheers,

Anura Guruge